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2018-19 School Year at Tree of Life of Lake Zurich, IL
Our School Year

October 2020 Preschool News

Well, we made it through the first month of preschool and so far so good! The children are really doing well and I think are really enjoying being able to interact with their friends again and yes, the teachers. To date, we have 8 children that come every Tuesday/Thursday and 9-10 that come Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

This month we will begin our study of ''Colors'' in the three-year-old class and will be learning all about ''Fall'' in the four-year-old class. During Jesus time we will learn the following stories: ''God Answers Abraham's Prayer for a Son'', ''Jacob Sees a Beautiful Dream'', ''God has a Plan for Joseph,'' and ''Joseph Becomes a Ruler in a Faraway Land''. We will continue to work on the song version of the Lord's Prayer, which we have been invited to sing with the Sunday School children on Sunday, October 4th. Unfortunately, we will not be able to go on our yearly field trip to the pumpkin patch due to COVID-19. I still wanted to do something special, so I ordered pumpkins to paint and then take home at the end of the month. Finally, we will be having a ''Fall'' party in each class on the last two days of school in the month of October.

- Mrs. Lori Dundore, Teacher/ Director

Two Year Old Toddler Program - Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts classroom is off to a great start and the students have adjusted well to our classroom routines. We are looking forward to a busy October, where our class will learn about different shapes, including a shape sorting activity and sponge painting with shapes. We will have an apple taste test during our two week study on apples and end the month with an outdoor leaf hunt as we explore the theme of ''Fall''. Our Jesus time stories will feature ''Noah's Ark'', ''Jacob's Beautiful Dream'', and two stories about Joseph. It is wonderful to see these young children learn about God's glorious promises and love for His people.

- Mrs. Rachel Andrews

Class schedules for October 2020:


October 4th - Both classes sing in Church with Sunday School children
October 12th - Columbus Day - no school (4's)
October 23rd - Paint pumpkins from Country Bumpkin (4's)
October 27th - Paint pumpkins from Country Bumpkin (3's)
October 29th - Fall party (3's)
October 30th - Fall party 10:30-11:30 (4's)


September 2020 Preschool News

Finally, we are able to get back to school since having to close our doors at the end of last March. I am really excited to get back to teaching in-person again! As of today we have seven signed up for our three-year-old class and eight signed up for our four-year-old class, with some inquires still coming in.

We will start school officially on Tuesday, September 1st for the threes and Wednesday, September 2nd for the fours. We will start the year off in the 3's class learning the theme "All About Me and My Family". The 4's will start the first week learning "All About Me", then go to "Apples", and finally finishing off the month learning about "Pets". During Jesus Time we will learn the following stories: "God Creates Our Beautiful World, God Creates Man and Woman, God Saves Adam and Eve", and "God Saves Noah and His Family". Unfortunately with Covid-19 right now we will be unable to go on any field trips, but maybe as the school year progresses this will change.

I am anticipating another great year and look forward to getting to know all our new families and reconnecting with my past families as well. May God continue to bless our Preschool and keep us safe!

- Mrs. Lori Dundore, Teacher/ Director

Two Year Old Toddler Program - Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts program for 2-year-olds begins its inaugural year on September 1st. There are currently 4 children enrolled in the program. In the month of September, we will explore the themes of school and colors, and complete activities such as a school supply backpack craft and participate in a classic beanbag color song. Our Jesus Time stories will be "Jesus Blesses the Children", "God Made the World", "God Made Me" and "The Sneaky Snake". We are looking forward to many days of play and learning and having fun!

- Mrs.Rachel Andrews

Class schedules for September 2020:


September 1st - First Day of School (3's)
September 1st - First Day of School (2's)
September 2nd - First Day of School (4's)