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2018-19 School Year at Tree of Life of Lake Zurich, IL
Our School Year

September 2021 Preschool News

Here we go! School starts on Wednesday, September 1st and Tuesday, September 2nd. First is the four-year-old class on Wednesday and then three-year-old class on Thursday. The themes for the four-year-old class are, "Getting to Know Me," "Apples," and "Pets." In the three-year-old class we will have the theme, "All About Me." At the current time we have 11 four-year-olds signed up and 13 three-year-olds signed up. During Jesus Time both classes will learn the following stories: "God Creates Our Beautiful World, God Creates Man and Woman, God Saves Adam and Eve," and "God Saves Noah and His Family." The threes will start with the story "What is God like?" I am very happy to announce that we will have pictures taken on Tuesday, September 21st and Wednesday, September 22nd. I want to say a huge thank you to Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Rachel for their help cleaning the toys and room with me, so it is all ready for our first days! Additionally, thank you to Mrs. Holly and Mrs. Rachel for collecting and organizing all the paperwork at our playdate. I am looking forward to another fun and exciting year!

- Mrs. Lori Dundore, Teacher/ Director

Two Year Old Toddler Program - Little Sprouts

Summer went by very quickly this year! It is hard to believe our Little Sprouts class will begin again on September 2nd. We currently have 9 students enrolled, including 6 boys and 3 girls.

On our first day of school, we will make a special handprint craft and then embark on a "school" theme where we will learn about classroom rules, school supplies and read some fun school books. Our next theme will feature "colors". The children will work on learning their color names and book entitled "Our Colorful World" and make a colorful rainbow with paper plates and streamers.

Our Jesus stories this month include "Jesus Blesses the Children", "God Made the World", "God Made Me", "The Sneaky Snake," and "Noah's Big Boat." We are looking forward to a wonderful, fun filled year! Thanks to Frieda Krauth for being the helper for the Sprouts!

- Mrs.Rachel Andrews

Class schedules for September 2021:


September 1st - First Day of School (4's)
September 2nd - First Day of School (2's/ 3's)
September 6th - No School - Labor Day
September 21st - Class Pictures (3's)
September 22nd - Class Pictures (4's)
September 23rd - Class Pictures - Rain Day (3's)
September 24th - Class Pictures - Rain Day (4's)